Transport Quality

Services coverage

Display of planned services coverage by vehicles and drivers. After the transport is performed, it is possible to evaluate whether the services have been provided according to the plan.

If there are no real-time changes in the planned transport operations, it is possible to modify this plan using the system recommendations that are based on the actual performed services of the planned connections. The updates enable management of supplementary, replacement, shortened or shifted connections and any necessary corrections of drivers‘ actions.

This information is used during the processing of the daily reports on vehicle and driver performance, which may be automatically generated according to the route that the particular vehicle and driver have actually served. If the vehicle performance characteristics are available, it is possible to include them in the daily report on vehicle and driver performance, e.g. include the mileage, tank status, fuel flow through flow meter and compare the data with previous records in order to check the reasonable continuity of values in the subsequent records for individual vehicles.

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